Diferencia entre eau de toilette y eau de parfum

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Surely more than once you have gone in search of your favorite perfume but you find it in different versions such as «eau de parfum, eau de toilette, etc.» and you have no idea what that means. Calm down, here we are going to help you decipher each of these terms so you can get the fragrance that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Eau de cologne – eau de toiletteIt has a low concentration of essences (3 to 6%) while its water concentration is higher. Regularly its scent is soft and refreshing, so it can last up to 4 hours.When to use it? It is ideal for everyday use; whether for a casual date or going to school.

Strategic spots to apply perfumeEvery skin has a different pH, so we recommend experimenting with the type and amount of fragrance you want to apply to find out what works best for you. Check the strategic points on your body to make your perfume last longer:

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In our daily lives, we have become accustomed to using different perfumery products indistinctly without paying attention to their name. Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de cologne, Eau de Toilette… Did you know that each of these natural perfumery products has different particularities? Depending on the degree of concentration of the essence, i.e. the proportion of essence per alcohol included in its formulation, a perfume will fall into one category or another. Today we tell you how they differ and how you can make the most of them.

When you talk about perfume, you probably don’t mean perfume. Whaaat? Indeed, perfume itself is the most concentrated fragrance on the market and, in Europe, we are not used to such an intense scent and, therefore, we generally opt for Eau de parfum (which is what you probably have in mind when we talk about perfume). Where they do like intense fragrances is in the Arab countries, which are very fond of intense perfumes.

eau de toilette vs aftershave

This is one of the most frequent mistakes that occur in cosmetics. It is easy to confuse the different terms and not know the real difference between perfume, cologne, eau de cologne, eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Surely you have ever gone to buy your favorite fragrance and found that it is available in different formats: eau de parfum, eau de toilette, perfume. In this article we are going to explain the detailed differences between the formats.

Already the name of the product gives us an idea of what it refers to. «Perfume» has its origin in the Latin expression «per fumare», which was used to define the smoke given off by an aromatic substance when burned. Today we have moved the connotation of the word from gaseous to liquid.

Original Eau de Cologne is a brand of perfume, not a type of perfume. This chemical solution contains essential oils of some fragrance in a proportion of 4 to 8% of a product. The rest of the liquid is ethanol, a type of alcohol in which the scent is diluted. The perfume brand was registered in the early 18th century and owes its name to the fact that it is an invention that took place in the German city of Cologne.

difference between perfume and cologne

Scents play an important role in our daily life. It is proven that fragrances can enhance our level of attraction, confidence and many other things. When it comes to buying a perfume, you must have noticed that there is a great offer in the market. The important thing is to know how to differentiate the type.

It is not the same «eau de parfum», «eau de cologne» and «eau de toilette», it is not simply called that way for advertising; it is actually an indication of how long it lasts and what percentage of pure fragrance has the perfume in question.

The higher the concentration of oils, the more intense and long-lasting the fragrances are. This intensity determines how long the scent lingers on the skin. Fragrances come in many different forms and names, but generally fall into the following five categories:

Eau de Cologne (aka: cologne): is composed of between 2 and 4% oil. It is regularly applied to fragrances aimed at young people and usually lasts for about 2 hours.

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