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The management of the department is done between me and my superior. He manages issues with the head office in Germany and I take care of customer service, payment of suppliers, payment of commissions, preparation of invoices, Excel and Word functions and any other management that may arise.

Freedom of choice and freedom of movement. Development opportunities always in hand and without ceiling. Job stability, but not salary stability. Salary depends solely on me and my actions.

I like the company and what it can offer us in exchange for our daily effort. I learned to manage feelings and motivate teams, currently leading a team of more than 2000 elements, it is a company that demands a lot from us and our personal time.

A place where I had the chance to experience professional management and learn from very skilled managers. As a Business administration graduate I am particularly interested in HRM, so that place was among the first I put what I learned in the university in real life situations.

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Andreas Friesch, CEO and spokesman for the Board of Management, explains the special nature of this new product development: «At our headquarters, we have a huge sign with the inscription «This drop will change your life!», which welcomes our employees, sales partners and visitors. Indeed, the 5in1 Beauty Elixir is innovative because it meets consumers’ desires for a youthful appearance. The combination of aloe vera with key beauty ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, copper, zinc and vitamin C heralds a new era of beauty for LR. The new product is a world premiere that fits perfectly into the food sector to make us look more beautiful, to the benefit also of our sales partners and their customers.»

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From this range, what I liked the most is the Special Care Box, which contains an aloe vera spray (Emergency Spray), a 90% concentrated aloe vera cream (Concentrated) and a propolis cream (Propolis).

I tried three of the drinking gels but the one I liked the most was the Mind Master, my kids took it to help them concentrate for homework, especially during the confinement period…and it really helped.

But if you are interested in LR products, you have the possibility to register as a member of the company, and you can benefit from the member price, that is, you will have prices with a minimum of 40% discount, or even more depending on the promotions that may be available.

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It is a combination between lipstick and gloss, it leaves a discreet and very nice shine on the lips. To my surprise I liked it a lot, it does not dry out the lips which is something vital for me, and the lips are very juicy and beautiful. This is the crystal berry 10031-6 although there are several colors. Its price is 8.90 €.

They are makeup remover wipes that have a gel texture that leaves the skin finer without upsetting the balance of the skin. It is applied 2 or 3 times a week on the face on the face, neck and décolleté to have a radiant and fresh skin. As I have already mentioned in The bad practice of using make-up remover wipes, constantly using wipes is not good.

Therefore these wipes although I see that they are very good I only recommend them for occasions when we get home very tired, but nothing to use them daily or our skin will be resentful. Its price is 13.90 €.

It is a perfume that smells very fresh with a combination of fragrances (lily of the valley, jasmine and peach) and its scent lasts all day. The truth is that it has surprised me a lot, it has a smell that I love, and the bottle lasts a lot.

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