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fluorescent paint

This fantastic material works perfectly, also with UV lights or domestic lamps, once it is prepared, you can paint anything you want such as glass, wood, iron, metal, plastic or concrete. The paint, during the day absorbs the energy produced by sunlight releasing it at night creating a spectacular scenographic effect. Depending on the intensity of the light, the photoluminescent effect is more or less strong. It is not necessary the use of electric energy and no maintenance.

Therefore, these paints can be charged with an exposure to any light source (sunlight, electric light or UV), so there is no charge limit.      The paints will lighten for a variable period, following a rapid, downward luminescence curve, which then becomes stable for many hours. The total luminescent decay effect can persist for several days after stimulation.

Therefore, these products are suitable for various technical or artistic applications thanks to their characteristics and, in the same way, the paint can be applied on clothes, shoes, helmets, toys, watches, tools for the fishing sector or the sports sector.

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This luminous paint has pigments in its composition that are responsible for retaining part of the radiation emitted by any type of normal light. When it is no longer exposed to light, it begins to glow, using the energy it has previously stored.

In general, if we charge the paint – that is, if we keep it under a point of light – for more than 15 minutes, our paint will glow for several hours. In this case any type of bulb will be useful, although if we have a powerful spotlight, it is advisable since we will obtain a more intense brightness. Another option is to use ultraviolet light bulbs for charging, since the ultraviolet light has a shorter wavelength, it is able to charge the paint with greater power and efficiency.

Glow-in-the-dark paint has an infinite number of applications in the entertainment world. It is often used in concerts, carnivals around the world and in discos and nightclubs where everyone will be amazed by the brightness and color of the paint.

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Fluorescent paint is a booming trend and besides being used at parties, it is also widely used by the world of cinema and television. In addition, you will be able to make different amazing crafts thanks to this paint that glows in the dark. If you want to know what steps to follow to make it at home, read on.

Fluorescent paint is that which contains a phosphorescent pigment and is able to charge during exposure to a light source, to later emit a strong glow in complete darkness, without the need for extra elements. Depending on the quality of the paint and the recharge time, the duration of the glow in the dark will be longer or shorter.

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