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Daniel Radcliffe himself, who played the protagonist in the films, replied to the writer with an applaudable statement, «Transgender women are women. Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people.»

Interestingly, now Jordi Cruz Pérez, who voiced Fred Weasley (one of Ron’s twin brothers) in the Spanish version, joins this defense with his tweet, a much applauded publication that has made it become a trending topic.

«This is exactly what I needed to see today. I love you Jordi Cruz the good» or «For something is the good» are some of the messages that are writing. And is that, just as the concepts of «Tamara the good» (the Sevillian singer) and «Tamara the bad» (Yurena) were popularized, many speak of these two namesakes in the same way, branding the Art Attack presenter as «the good» and the chef as «the bad».


It’s a level of responsibility that you have to apply yourself. No one needs to come and tell me that. I make the minimum trips to go shopping or take the AVE to go to Barcelona. The little I could do, I don’t do either.

Since ‘Club Disney’ I haven’t done a program with more people, since ‘Art Attack’ was an individual work, I had to include the didactic, serious and fun part. In ‘Top Gamers Academy’ the first one who has to stop making jokes and be in order is me. This is my biggest learning curve with this new format.

I’m getting along great but I’ve been killed twice on them! But yes, I don’t butt in where I’m not wanted. I compare social media to walking into a bar where no one knows you and saying the first thing that pops into my head or what you think about something that everyone is talking about. Chances are, someone will get up and say, «What are you talking about! They don’t know you. On the other hand, if you say it to your group of people, even if your opinion is a little bit radical, it doesn’t seem so radical to them because they know you in all your aspects.

Rui torres

«They are in the parents’ heaven where they are waiting for us while they are doing their own thing. A huge hug, Jordi», wrote the presenter of ‘Pasapalabra’, to which Jordi responded with «Thank you, Roberto. That’s right. They are waiting for us there. Meanwhile we celebrate the life they have given us».

Since then, in addition to taking with humor to be confused with the famous chef, he has been a radio announcer, dubbing actor and DJ. And he has even had to deal with rumors about his own death when ‘Art Attack’ returned in 2011 with another presenter. «There were people who thought I had died. I got quite a few messages, because unfortunately the presenter of ‘Art Attack’ in Mexico did pass away and there was some confusion.»

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Jordi Cruz Pérez (nacido el 14 de octubre de 1976) es un presentador de televisión español, conocido por presentar el programa Art Attack. También ha sido presentador en la emisora de radio Cadena 100. Desde diciembre de 2020, presenta el podcast ¿Sigues ahí? para Netflix.

En septiembre de 1998, Cruz comenzó a presentar otro programa infantil, Art Attack en Disney Channel,[1] un programa de manualidades dirigido a los más pequeños, que se mantuvo hasta 2004. Posteriormente, protagonizó el programa El rayo, con Inma del Moral.

En 2005, Cruz pasó a otros programas infantiles de renombre, entre los que destaca su participación durante ocho años en el programa Jordi: Megatrix de Antena 3. Su compañera de reparto fue la cantante Natalia Rodríguez hasta 2007, cuando se convirtió en el único presentador del programa.

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