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Small dogs for adoption

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From the shelter JarezaDos we put up for adoption Simba a Yorkshire Terrier puppy looking for a good home where to grow up. He is currently three and a half months old. He comes with castration commitment. Adoptions are NOT free. More information entering the web Indispensable to send the adoption questionnaire to be able to take the application into account.

From the shelter JarezaDos we put up for adoption Simba a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. He will be delivered with castration and vaccinated. Adoptions are NOT free. To opt for adoption enter our website download the form and send it by email.

If the dog doesn’t eat it or if it doesn’t feel good we will give you your money back, does anyone give you that guarantee? We give it because we are sure of the quality of our product. Price: 10,50 per pallet of 50 bags in Almeria and Murcia.

Protectora la madrileña

The City Council has not welcomed certain observations about the state of the facilities and care of the animals. The facilities are affected by humidity and the basic medicines for the care of the animals are sometimes neither sufficient nor appropriate.

The consequence of this refusal is a lower media coverage of the adoption process. We have seen the solidarity and dedication of adopters living many hundreds of kilometers away from our town. Thanks to a photo or a video, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and even horses have been taken out of a cage.

Some of these cases have stood out for their drama. We have rescued dogs after being used as sparrings in fights in the municipality. Others were found in garbage containers, almost dead, after having had their identification chip removed with a knife.

We do not agree that the Leganés City Council should take measures whose devastating consequences are to deny a second chance to these animals, simply because of the simple fact of making a situation of abandonment evident.

Leganés org by appointment

But despite the fact that there are people who come every day to lend a hand to the association, they urgently need volunteers with PPP (potentially dangerous dogs) license for their volunteer project at the Animal Protection and Adoption Center of Leganés. In order to join the team you have to contact them through the e-mail [email protected].

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Asoc animal protection

The Canine Association of Leganés is created in 2012, by a group of animal lovers, to supply an associative space in the field of animal protection in our municipality.We do it with several objectives that over time we try to go expanding and improving.

Signing of the Agreement with the City Council of Leganés Last February 19 we signed the renewal of the agreement with the City Council of Leganés together with the Asociación Colectivo Animalista de Leganés. #Leganés reinforces its commitment to animal protection with the signing of two agreements The objective is to promote volunteering in the Animal Protection Center and the implementation of the CES method (capture, sterilization and release).

Azul, with an extraordinary capacity to love animals, has decided to invite anyone who wants to participate with us to do so. Don’t think about it and do like him: BE HAPPY MAKING MANY HAPPY.

Sunday, July 7th. Auditorium of the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganés. The Mayor of Leganés, Santiago Llorente, attended the activity organized by the Severo Ochoa Hospital of Leganés and the Canine Association of Leganés.

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